Corporate Responsibility

StarKist® Has Heart

At StarKist, we are a socially responsible company that provides trusted, healthy food for more people. From helping in the fight against childhood hunger to supporting heart health and donating products to our U.S. troops, we are honored to give back. Here are just a few ways that StarKist Has Heart...

Corporate Giving

Here are just some of the ways that StarKist is honored to give back, from protecting our natural resources, supporting heart health, helping to fight hunger and more.

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Natural Resources & Policies

StarKist is committed to leading the global seafood category by providing great tasting and healthy products that are sourced responsibly.

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Seafood Facts

Wondering what goes into America’s Favorite Tuna? How fast a tuna can swim? Or exactly how we catch what goes into each and every can? The answers are right here.

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Trace My StarKist

StarKist believes that everyone deserves the right to know where their food is from. That's why we made it easy for you to follow your fish all the way from the sea to your plate using our product finder.

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